Tailored SUPPORT for a HOLISTIC transformation of MIND, BODY, and SOUL. Embrace a NEW WAY of living, guided by those with INSIGHT, for those SEEKING enlightenment.

OYA New Earth, initiated in 2021 as global project that is currently unfolding across four locations worldwide. These include the USA, Caribbean, and Greece, with simultaneous development in progress.

OYA was created with a vision to become an international platform for change, an ecosystem for personal growth.

Our mission is to elevate the global consciousness of humanity by crafting a safe and forward thinking environment, where our members uncover a fresh paradigm of existence, and our residents discover a haven for mindful living within an ethical, sustainable, and nurturing community.

Our network of luxury estates and digital platform is helping to unlock the vast potential of the lifetime. We fuse the modalities of ancient healing with modern technologies to support the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit.

For the past decade, we've pursued the perfect formula to build a comprehensive system that bridges the gap between service providers and seekers of personal growth, healing, and knowledge.

We are committed to providing comprehensive support for esteemed retreat hosts and fostering a welcoming environment for their retreats. Offering over 100 essential in-house services and unique specialized therapies, OYA has emerged as the ideal solution for transformative retreats, complete with numerous benefits and a dedicated support system. Our core focus lies in curating an environment where moments of revelation empower our visitors to find their own solutions. It's a sanctuary to reconnect with nature, with oneself, and embark on a journey toward sustainable well-being and longevity, blending upscale modernity with a profound connection to the natural world.

Together, we can create
waves of positive change

Our collaborative platform unites visionary futurists, innovators, healers, wisdom keepers, and ancient indigenous tribes worldwide. We've cultivated a secure, supportive physical, and digital space for the exchange of invaluable knowledge between professionals and clients.

In this era of profound change, humanity seeks answers and a new trajectory toward happiness and wellness. Oya proudly sets the bar for quality, value, and outstanding services in self-care, health, and personal transformation.

OYA is more than a platform; it's a movement. It empowers, educates, and uplifts, serving as a space where exceptional individuals digitally or in person, gather to manifest, learn, and magnify their impact - TOGETHER!

We believe in the potency of collective action. Together, we can create waves of positive change. By joining New Earth, you not only enrich your own future but also support tribes, healers, therapists, and the dissemination of invaluable knowledge worldwide.

HUB of


Through our initiatives, we strive to preserve and honor the cultural heritage of indigenous communities while fostering a sustainable future that embraces their traditional knowledge. By supporting local businesses, providing education and resources, and fostering community development, we aim to uplift and empower the surrounding areas, creating a positive and sustainable impact on society.